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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."

A Moving Target

Wall painting of an archer

by Michelle Shelfer

(includes her song "May All I Do" below)

Poised For Greatness

I remember the days of my youth.  I was like an arrow poised in the bow: strong, vital and full of ideas, creativity, passion, and roiling impulses.  I was lean, fit, able-minded, and immersed in my own potential, convinced of the possibilities that the future held.  “I can do anything!” was the mother’s milk on which I was raised and encouraged.

Missing the Mark

The only deficiency lay in where that powerful arrow was aiming, and who was holding the bow.  The only target I could think to aim at was myself.  As promising as I might have been, I was without moral or spiritual moorings.  I was an arrow in reckless and aimless hands. 

With no idea where to direct all that youthful power, I flew wildly into all the wrong places, hurting myself and others along the way.

The Only Target

The difference since I gave my life wholly to the One Who gave His life for me, is that now I know exactly where to aim and into Whose hands I am best entrusted.  I have confidence in the target God has revealed as the only One worthy of all my life’s efforts. 

All I do, say, and think are appropriately directed toward that pivotal event of history, the cross where Jesus took away the sins of the world and restored our communion with Father God. 

This song celebrates good aim.

Click to listen now:
"May All I Do"

May All I Do (lyrics)

As the prophets pointed forward to the cross, to the cross,
And apostles pointed back, just to the cross to the cross,
May my life be like an arrow with no object of its own,
But to aim toward my savior, that all eyes may see His throne.

May all I say be showing the way.  May
Every story point to Your glory.  May
All I am be facing the Lamb.  May
All I do be leaning to You.  May
All I do be leading to You.

As we owe our dear redemption to the cross, to the cross,
As we’d wander blind & lost but for the cross, for the cross,
May our steps be so illumined by salvation’s beacon bright
That whoever looks upon us only sees our master’s light.



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