"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."



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Find here essays and stories that we think are great and need to be read and discussed. These authors may join us for the long haul, or maybe these are golden nuggets that are fabulous one-time finds.

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earthen jar
"Earthen Vessels" by Timothy Cross

Faith makes us rich with the eternal riches that cannot ever be taken away from us. Yet, says Paul we have this treasure in earthen vessels. It is only in the age to come, says Paul, that we will exchange these bodies of ours - earthen vessels - for something less fragile. We are vessels of salvation, service, mercy and...

Larry Preaching
"Open Air Preaching" by Larry Rosenbaum

Much of Jesus' ministry was that of a street preacher; Peter, Paul, and the other disciples preached God's Word boldly in public places. What about Christians today? What about you?

Chagall-Ruth Gleaning
"Ruth: A Guide for Life's Troubled Times" Chapter 2, by Brian Bailey

There are times that we as people simply have to respond to these life events that are larger than ourselves with the best choices that we can make at the time. At times these choices have no moral overtone but unintended consequences may be truly adverse or even tragic...

sufi dancer
Sufism: An Insider's Story - Kent Philpott interviews Noema

On his Muslim father’s side is an ancient family of titled landlords, and his Jewish mother comes from a Persian-speaking family. His grandfather taught him the ways of Islam, and he learned how to fall into a trance-like state of spiritual ecstacy in the dhikrs. He also learned how to control others through a kind of mental telepathy. Now he says, "The focus of my new life is God; now I am content, and...

palms blowing
Feeling the Spirit? - Kent Philpott

I was once a wild-eyed Pentecostal. Somewhere, somehow I changed my mind. There are going to be feelings and emotions, happiness and tears, and sometimes more than that in a worship service. These can not be avoided and neither should they be. But, and this is the point I want to make, to equate the Holy Spirit with feelings is dead wrong.


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